Vodka vs. Beer in the Freezer

1412027953754You can store vodka in the freezer but you cannot do the same with beer, as it will explode. Why is that? The answer lies in the relative alcohol content of liquor versus beer. Vodka is about 40 percent alcohol (80 proof) and beer is four to eight percent alcohol (and 90+ percent water). Alcohol (ethanol) has a melting / freezing point of -173°F, while water has a freezing point of 32°F.

Most home freezers are kept between -5°F and 0°F, which will freeze the water in beer, but is not cold enough to freeze the water in vodka, which has much more alcohol dissolved in it. To make it worse. water expands when it is a solid, compared to when it is a liquid – resulting in the exploding beer in your freezer.

Bonus fact: The boiling point of ethanol is 173°F is lower than water (212°F) but is still high enough that your liquor will not boil away except when cooking it. Sometimes, however, having a freezing point well below water and a boiling point well above water can be useful. For example, automotive radiator fluid has a boiling point around 300°F and a freezing point well below 0°F. This allows a driver to use the same fluid in both the winter and the summer.

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